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Our Fees Commitment

We understand the uncertainty and concerns that you may have when you hire a lawyer for your case.


Our Fees Commitment To You in any personal injury retainer agreement

Kelly + Singh Lawyers are committed to fairness, transparency and trust when it comes to our contingency fee retainer agreements.

1) We are committed to staying informed of any changes to the regulations and laws surrounding contingency fee retainer agreements and we will always work to ensure that our contingency fee retainer agreement is compliant with the law.

2) We are committed to ensuring our contingency fees percentage never exceed what’s legally allowed and are always competitive with industry standard practices and rate. You can remain confident, even if you don’t have time to shop around that you aren’t paying more than you should be.

3) We will sit down with you before we start any work on your case to go through the agreement with you to make sure you are 100% comfortable with the agreement before any steps are taken in your case.

4) Our Contingency Fee Retainer contains built in savings for you. In the case of an early settlement in your case, your rate is reduced as a recognition that it took us less time and work to get you your settlement.

5) Our Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement considers all of the most common scenarios in your case, including what would happen if the retainer ended before we started your lawsuit; midway through your case, or if your case went to trial or appeal. We want you to be sure about how the agreement works in your case at every step.

6) Although the laws around these agreements are complex, we will always take the time to explain our agreement to you in plain language, and answer any questions you may have about the agreement at any time during the course of your case.

7) We are committed to not only explaining how the percentages work, but providing you with several concrete examples of what a settlement would look like under a contingency fee retainer agreement.

8) We will sit down with you before you agree to any settlement and make sure you know exactly what your net share of any settlement will be, after deducting fees, expenses and HST, so that you are empowered to make the most informed decision possible about your settlement.

9) We will always invite you to obtain independent legal advice on our contingency fee retainer agreement. We'll even help you find a qualified lawyer, and assist you in covering any charges involved in having our retainer independently reviewed.

10) Even after you’ve signed the agreement, we provide a ten-day cooling off period so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision, with confidence.

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